How To Data Recovery Perfectly From Devices

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Data recovery from mobile gadgets and memory cards may be slightly different. For this, different approaches and applications can be used. As a means of recovering data from file media, we will use the universal program UFS Explorer Mobile, with which you can recover data from storage media. It helps to recover information not only from the internal memory of portable devices, but also from external media.

The main features of the UFS Explorer Mobile App:

  • recovering files from media that have been deleted;
  • data recovery from storage media after their formatting;
  • file recovery by signatures (RAW recovery);
  • data recovery from damaged media.

The program supports the Transact FAT, FAT32 and FAT file systems . The application interface is shown in Figure 1.

Data Recovery

Restoring information from the main memory of a portable device :

For some devices, restoring Linkedin data from the main memory may not be possible. It is not recommended to use the “reconstruct FS” option during the recovery process. In order for the scan to be performed, the “Find by Type with Intelli RAW” algorithm must be applied. Sometimes, when recovering deleted files, the enabled “Find deleted files” option will help to achieve the desired result (Figure 2).

Data recovery from flash cards :

Such drives are presented in two options in the storage selection window:

  • Windows CE FAT;
  • RAW drive.

If the file system is damaged , for further processing, we recommend that you opt for the RAW representation item.

The recovery actions of users do not always lead to positive results, since this process has its own nuances. Therefore, contact only experienced professionals.

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