Houston Data Recovery From Transcend External Hard Drives

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The external hard drive housing contains a standard SATA or 2.5″ IDE drive, as well as a board for switching to a USB connector. Due to their mobility, these devices often fail due to drops, unexpected power outages, or shocks. Houston Data Recovery from a WD external hard drive may be possible if you accidentally hit or drop the drive, or if your computer does not recognize your hard drive.

As key malfunctions of external drives, it should be noted:

  • inoperability of the hard drive electronics;
  • damage to service memory modules;
  • the presence of bad blocks, that is, damage to the surface of the disk;
  • destruction of the FAT32 file system due to unsafe extraction;
  • malfunction of the magnetic head unit in case of a fall.

Differences between Transcend external drives and devices from other manufacturers and Houston Data Recovery features :

Unlike external hard drives from companies such as Seagate and Western Digital , Transcend similar devices have a standard plastic case that feels good in the hand, eliminating the possibility of slipping. Inside the container there is a rubber gasket located between the hard drive itself and the container.

Houston Data Recovery

Data Recovery Service from a Transcend external hard drive is possible with the help of special programs. In particular, Transcend Recover Rx software (Figure 1), which has a simple and ergonomic interface that allows you to search for deleted files more deeply: documents, video and audio files, as well as digital photos , can be an ideal option .

Transcend exclusive Recover Rx software helps you recover virtually any digital file with just a few clicks. At the same time, the application has support for the function of formatting and protecting information on external drives and memory cards, providing users with maximum convenience.

Information recovery is a responsible process , associated with certain difficulties. Therefore, it is recommended not to take risks and use the services of experienced professionals.

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