The Best Data Recovery From Hard Drives Disk

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Digital Data Recovery Lab has been successfully recovering information since 2011. Own laboratory and everything you need to perform work of any complexity. We are not afraid of difficulties. We perform Data Recovery from hard drives of all sizes, models and manufacturers. 

The results of the diagnostics will be ready either immediately with you, or during the working day. We always carry out diagnostics free of charge – you do not pay anything for an inspection or if the result of the work does not suit you.

Data recovery from a hard drive is a popular procedure that requires a qualified approach. Our company is ready to recover lost information from a hard drive from any manufacturer, including Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, Maxtor, Samsung, Toshiba, Quantum. We work with hard drives of all form factors (1.8, 2.5, 3.5) and formats (internal, external, NAS, RAID).

The recovery method directly depends on the problems that have affected the disk – hardware (failure of the magnetic head unit, damage to service modules, scratches, etc.) or logical (deleted partition or files, no access to the file system, installed OS over) . Accordingly, the final cost is added up from the problems.

For data recovery, we use only non-destructive methods. Our laboratory is equipped with specialized equipment that allows us to recover Youtube data from a hard drive even in very difficult cases. We have a staff of highly qualified engineers who use unique modern techniques. All this makes it possible to recover lost information in a short time and guarantee high results in data recovery from a hard drive.

Data Recovery

We provide data recovery from various types of hard drives. According to their format, they are divided into internal and external. Internal hard drives are installed in computers, laptops, mono blocks, network storages and servers.

External hard drives are various types of drives in a special case, most often they are designed for USB connection, but there are also rarer options – eSATA, FireWire, Thunderbolt.

Data recovery from a hard drive is performed using one of two methods: software or hardware.
Data recovery using software is the simplest and least time consuming method. This procedure can be carried out in the presence of the customer.

If the media was physically damaged or stopped working for some reason, it is much more difficult to remove information from the hard drive – you need to use specialized equipment for thorough diagnostics and file recovery. Hardware data recovery from a hard drive is always performed in a service center.

We pay great attention to the issue of confidentiality . When transferring equipment for recovery,  we conclude a non-disclosure agreement with you and are responsible for the absence of data leaks.

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